BJP failed to convert SC voters in MCD polls, weakness remains: Party leaders

Hyderabad: Riding high on its stupendous victory in Gujarat Assembly polls, the Modi-led party has reportedly launched its foray into BRS-ruled Telangana. BJP has planned to swell the party in Telangana by preparing a divide-and-rule policy of vote distribution in Telangana as well.

With the transformation of TRS into BRS, the BJP, keeping the recent success of Gujarat in mind, has planned to persuade other parties to actively participate in the Telangana elections to ensure vote distribution.

It is said that the BJP’s victory on 156 seats in Gujarat after 27 years of rule has boosted the morale of the party leaders and they are prepared to contest in Telangana as well following the Gujarat modal.

According to the sources, apart from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Telangana, Sharmila’s party YSRTP will also be encouraged to compete in all the constituencies across Telangana and a separate plan will be made for the distribution of Muslim votes.

According to the leaders, the party has planned to hold the Telangana elections along with the general elections of the country. In the 2018 assembly elections, the TRS received 46.9 percent of the votes in the state, Congress polled 28.4 percent and BJP got just 7.1 percent votes. However, a few months later in the general elections, TRS’s vote share chopped down by 5 percent to 41.29 percent votes while Congress got 29.8 percent votes but BJP see a remarkable surge with 19.45 percent votes. Keeping the 2018 assembly and 2019 general elections results in view, BJP could gain a powerful foothold through vote-sharing in Telangana state.

According to the sources, the AAP warming up to contest in Telangana elections with full intensity. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi’s phone call to YS Sharmila and invitation to Delhi, hint at their political ambitions. There is also a possibility of an alliance between the BJP, Telugu Desam, and Janasena.

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