A major controversy has broken out over a viral video of an educator who said in Ramayana after the battle, Lord Ram told Sita that he did not fight the war with Ravana for Sita because Sita is like the ghee licked by a dog and not ‘eligible’ for him. The educator is Dr Vikas Divyakriti, the owner and director of Drishti IAS coaching centre, which offers tuition for IAS aspirants. As the video went viral on Twitter, social media users demanded action against Dr Divyakriti and sought a ban on the coaching institution.

As the Twitter campaign helmed by Hindutva leaders like Sadhvi Prachi gained strength, many students came in support of their teacher and uploaded the full video where Dr Divyakriti can be heard saying, “In Hindi movies, when the hero and heroine meet at the end, they come running. Here, Sita was happy that Ram defeated Ravana and now she will be going home after so many days. Ram understood that Sita was being very happy and stopped her. He said ‘ruko Site’. And then he said something which I feel very bad saying. My tongue will fall off if I say those words. But I will have to say. What to do.

Then he said, “Ram told Sita that he did not fight the war for Sita. He fought the war for the lineage. As ghee becomes unfit for consumption after being licked by a dog, you are now not eligible for me.”

Dr Divyakriti gave an interview to The Lallantop in which he said whatever he claimed in the video is supported by documents.

In the interview, he said he was quoting from a book by Purushottam Agarwal. “He has been a member of the UPSC which means we can quote him in our studies. I have not read Ramayana or Mahabharata in Sanskrit. I came across this in this book which cites Valmiki Ramayan itself,” Dr Divyakriti said.

“I do not speak without evidence. I have spent less time on Twitter and more time in studies. That’s where I am more comfortable,” Dr Divyakriti said in the interview citing the page numbers where the information can be found.

“Now the question is what do we do because in UPSC such questions come like evaluate feminism in the context of Tulsidas. And Tulsidas omitted those parts in his Ramcharitmanas and proved to be progressive,” Dr Divyakriti said.

“This is not what Ram is saying. But the writer is saying through Ram. Writers put their words in their characters’ mouths. But Tulsidas was modern, he saw the advent of feminism and did not include this in his book,” Dr Divyakriti can be heard saying in the full video of the class.

Who is Dr Vikas Divyakriti? 5 things to know

Dr Vikas Divyakriti, the founder of the IAS coaching centre, is a popular teacher. He did his PhD in Hindi literature at Delhi University.

Both his parents were Hindi literature professors.

In 1996, he cleared his UPSC on his first attempt and was posted to the ministry of home affairs.

Dr Divyakriti, however, did not like his job and resigned as he wanted to teach.

In 1999, he set up the Drishti IAS coaching centre in Delhi’s Mukerjee Nagar.

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