INDIA today won the Colombo Cup and the special Burma Cup in the second Asian Quadrangular football tournament, beating Burma by four goals to two here today. A record crowd, bigger than the one which witnessed the opening game between India and Pakistan saw today’s match-the most exciting of all the fixtures played so far.

The surging crowd at one time broke down the barbed-wire fencing and the police rushed in time to maintain order. Thangaraj (2), Venkatesh and Ahmed scored for India while Samuel and Ba Kyu netted for the home team.

India have won all their three matches in the series. They beat Burma, Ceylon and Pakistan, scoring six points. Burma beat Ceylon, drew with Pakistan and lost to India. They thus scored three points. The last match in the Quadrangular between Ceylon and Pakistan will be played on November 2 but will not affect India’s commanding position in the tournament.

By Shadab

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