Mr Jagdish Pathak, General Secretary of the Public Bhalai (Welfare) Committee, in a statement draws attention to the cholera epidemic raging in Gorakhpur district. He says 750 villages have been affected and that there is not a single village where less than five persons have died. In some villages even 40 to 50 persons have died. It is estimated that in Deoria subdivision alone about 6,000 persons have died of cholera.

“ How devastating the present spell of the epidemic is can be judged from a report that I have received from a reliable source, “ adds Mr Pathak. “ The report says that within three days 400 persons died in Madaripatti of Tarjulwa police circle. Their bodies were thrown into the river Kushahi and a horrible stench arose when they began, to rot. One hundred and fifty persons have died in the small village of Sikata and the epidemic is still raging there.”

According to Mr Pathak, 10,000 persons have died of cholera in Gorakhpur district so far. In spite of the approach of the winter the epidemic has persisted, and in some places the death rate is on the increase. The epidemic is raging with great violence in Tejwaha, Dighwa, Parsaunt, Pipra Padrauns and in seven other villages in Khampar of Deoria tehsil.

Mr Pathak feels that the measures I being taken by the authorities are Quite inadequate. He appeals to the provincial newspapers and leaders to rush to the help of the masses, particularly in view of their economic condition following bad weather and bad crop.

By Shadab

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