Team India’s victory over Pakistan in the opening game of the T20 World Cup on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, gave rise to a Twitter exchange between two applications from both countries – food delivery app Zomato, and Careem’s Pakistan.

Following the end of the match, where the highlight was Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 82 runs off 53 balls, Zomato took to Twitter to write, “Dear Pakistan, ordered a defeat? Virat your service.”

The popular food delivery app did not tag anyone in the post, but received a response from Careem’s Pakistan soon after – “We don’t have cheat days.”

The Twitter exchange pertained to the controversy that arose after the Indian side was awarded three byes despite star performer Kohli bowling out. The cricketer was bowled out by Pakistan’s Mohammad Nawaz, but as it was a free hit, the Men in Blue did not lose the wicket. Additionally, Kohli along with his partner at the time of play in the final over, Dinesh Karthik, gave three crucial runs to Team India, much to the dismay of the Pakistan side – who argued with the umpire that the delivery should be called a ‘dead ball’ since it hit the stumps.

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Careem’s is a Dubai-based application, which has a significant customer base in West Asia.

The Twitter banter began on Sunday before the match started between India and Pakistan. Careem’s responded to an October 21 tweet of Zomato wherein the food delivery app asked its 1.5 million followers, “Lights laga li?”

The Pakistan app replied with sarcasm, “We hope you guys are ready for your pre-diwali gift (read defeat).”

Owing to this, many netizens who backed Zomato said on Twitter that it was Careem’s who started the banter first.

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Team India’s dramatic four-wicket win over Pakistan, and Kohli’s amazing performance on Sunday, invited praises from across the country. Many political leaders and sports personalities also applauded the victory, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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