Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar on Friday said Hindutva is not a ‘Fair and Lovely’ cream that when winter comes, there will be a different cream for lips and another for the feet. “Hindutva is a proper ideology, a political ideology. If you read Savarkar who was born here in Maharashtra you will understand. What is today being circulated on Whatsapp is that there is soft Hindutva and hard Hindutva…poison is poison. A small snake is as poisonous as a full-grown snake,” Kanhaiya who is walking with Rahul Gandhi in Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra said during an interaction with media in Nanded.

“Please, don’t insult the Hindu religion. Any school of thought that uses the name of religion and pits people against each other is not a religion at all. Because the aim of any religion is the liberation of the human mind,” Kanhaiya said in a reply to a question.

The question was regarding Rahul Gandhi’s visit to temples during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. “How much power do your specs have?” Kanhaiya asked the reporter and as the reporter replied he said he did not mean to mock the question. “See, this is an eyesight problem. But nowadays our perception is also being contaminated that we can’t see the truth,” Kanhaiya said.

“When I went to a temple in Kerala, people talked about it. But when I went to a gurdwara, nobody said anything. This is the axis of India’s political discourse from where this question comes. Rahul ji visited temples, churches, mosques, schools, colleges, and factories on his yatra. For us, all these places are sacred as people get their sustenance here. We are travellers and the road itself is very sacred to us,” Kanhaiya said.

“Muslim League said Hindus and Muslims can’t coexist, Hindu Mahasabha also said the same. Then how did they form an alliance? If you listen to the speeches of the people who do politics on the basis of religion, then you will feel that PM Modi was right. The only difference is in the attire. The poison is the same. They are dividing the people the same way. We won’t fall into this trap,” Kanhaiya added.

By Shadab

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