The Kerala police on Tuesday arrested two family members of the woman accused of poisoning to death her 23-year-old male friend after he refused to break up with her.

A senior officer of the Crime Branch wing said the woman’s mother and uncle were arrested for the offence of destruction of evidence in the case.

“We are presently taking them for evidence collection,” the officer told PTI.

After the evidence collection was carried out, police said a bottle of the poison allegedly given to the victim was recovered from a pond near the home of the accused.

It was recovered from the pond at the instance of the accused’s uncle.

The Crime Branch officer said that further evidence collection from inside the home of the accused — Greeshma (22) — would be carried out after getting her custody.

Presently, she is remanded in the hospital where she was admitted after she attempted suicide on Monday by consuming a disinfectant.

“Her health is stable presently and she is under observation,” the officer said.

He also said that a separate case was registered against Greeshma on Monday for trying to end her life.

Hours prior to her arrest, she had attempted suicide by drinking a disinfectant or similar solution kept in the toilet of the Nedumangad police station when she was taken to the washroom.

Greeshma was arrested on Monday afternoon.

She had graduated from the Muslim Arts College at Thiruvithamcode in Tamil Nadu and was a university rank holder in BA English.

The woman was taken into custody on October 30 night after she confessed to having poisoned Sharon, a native of Parassala in the district, as her marriage was fixed with another man.

She had allegedly served an Ayurvedic decoction laced with pesticide to Sharon after inviting him to her house on October 14.

Sharon died on October 25 after undergoing treatment at the medical college for over 10 days.

Greeshma and Sharon’s relationship ended in February, but the latter was not ready to back off from the relationship, police said.

“Her marriage was fixed with another person. She later tried to avoid him in many ways. But since nothing worked out, she decided to eliminate him. That’s what we understand from her statements,” it had said.

In his dying declaration, Sharon did not mention anything about Greeshma or her role in the poisoning.

A magistrate recorded his statement on October 20.

Sharon’s family has been alleging that the woman had given him some sort of juice or decoction in order to kill him.

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