Bengaluru: Residents of Karnataka now do not need to go to a police station to file an FIR if their two-wheeler or four-wheeler is stolen. Karnataka police on Thursday announced that they can now file an e-FIR on their Citizen Centric Portal.

Announcing the new initiative, Director General and Inspector General of Police (DG&IGP) Praveen Sood said: “Registration of FIRs when vehicles are stolen is a tedious and time-consuming process and this is one of the major complaints from the public as they are put into a lot of inconveniences and also there are jurisdictional issues. The problem is compounded as the FIR is mandatory to claim vehicle insurance,” the DG&IGP said.

“We launched the initiative last week. Since 99% of complaints about vehicle thefts are genuine, we have made registration of FIRs online. It is a people-friendly initiative and saves time. People can avoid visiting a particular Police Station in the prescribed time, waiting for the designated Police officer to record the first information statement and above all, physical and mental agony can be avoided,” Sood added.

According to a statement from the police department, a person who wants to file an e-FIR should sign up to the portal for credentials. After logging in, one can click on the ‘vehicle theft’ option under the e-FIR category. A new page pops up and a person needs to fill in all the details of the vehicle such as registration number and place of theft etc.

A copy of the complaint letter needs to be uploaded in the further step and a person will receive a complaint registration number from the police department. It can be further used to download the e-FIR from the portal and the status of the complaint can also be viewed on the website.

The online registration of a complaint must mandatorily follow the complainant’s digital signature, using Aadhaar authentication. The portal will indicate the name of the jurisdictional Police Station after the complainant gives the location of the theft in his complaint.

Sood said that after receiving the complaint, the Police Station will register the FIR and submit it to the Court and the complainant will receive an SMS to e-sign the FIR on the portal and download the copy.

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, the Police are given 90 days to investigate and charge sheet a case from the date of registration of the FIR and for the theft victim, the ‘undetected’ or ‘C’ report is a must to claim insurance. “We will add an ‘undetected’ or ‘C’ report option, which will be made available online to people whose vehicles have not been detected. This can be downloaded from the 91st day from the date of registration of the FIR,” the DG&IGP said.

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