The skill development and entrepreneurship ministry is organising Pradhan Mantri National Apprenticeship Melas at 280 locations across the country on Monday as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Skill India Mission to boost career opportunities and practical training.

Local businesses will participate in the melas to provide younger people opportunities through apprenticeships The ministry said the melas will provide them chances to meet potential apprentices on a single platform and choose applicants on the spot.

The ministry said the melas are held every second Monday of each month to increase employability. Companies providing the training are likely to hire the applicants as well. Selected individuals receive a monthly stipend in accordance with government criteria for gaining new skills.

Atul Kumar Tiwari, the ministry’s secretary, said apprenticeship training facilitates learning by earning and learning by doing, combining formal education with hands-on experience and improving links between industry and training institutions. “Moreover, the apprenticeship melas have a significant impact on the expanding numbers of apprenticeships and their successful execution across the country.”

By Shadab

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