Former J&K chief minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday said that there is a need that religion should be separated from politics.

Speaking on the sidelines of the function in which the J&K Democratic Peace Moment Party merged with the Democratic Azad Party in Srinagar, the former Union minister said that he is against all such parties that create division between people through their speeches and slogans. “In the democracy, every political party has a right to put its point of view but it shouldn’t divide but should unite the people,” he said adding that people shouldn’t be allowed to create divisions in the name of politics, slogans or in the name of religion. “I always criticise those parties which divide people by their slogans, speech and other activities.”

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Azad said that people should reject the parties which only indulge in the slogans. “We are fed up now with these slogans. Even some slogans took the lives of lakhs of people. Now we want not even a single life should be lost here.”

Former J&K chief minister said the boys who have taken the wrong path are not being brought back. “Now efforts to bring back boys who are on the wrong path isn’t been pursued like it was in the past.”

Azad said that when he was chief minister the army and police used to deal with militants. “And those who were on the wrong path were brought into the mainstream. We saved hundreds of youths by bringing them back into the mainstream.” He said if we start killing only, then all youths will be finished and we won’t reach anywhere.

Azad said that there is uncertainty about elections. “Since the government ended five years ago, there is a lot of uncertainty in J&K, which is creating a lot of problems and it should end.”

By Shadab

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