Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday said that the concepts of ‘varna’ and caste “should be forgotten” as they are a thing of past. Addressing a book launch function, Bhagwat everyone thinking in the interest of society should tell that the ‘Varna’ and ‘Jaati’ (caste) system is a thing of the past.

“Concepts of ‘Varna’ and ‘Jaati’ (caste) should be forgotten… today if someone asks about it, everyone thinking in the interest of society should tell that ‘Varna’ and ‘Jaati’ (caste) system is a thing of the past and should be forgotten,” Bhagwat said as quoted by news agency ANI.

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The RSS chief further said, “Social equality was a part of the Indian tradition, but it was forgotten and this led to damaging consequences.”

“The previous generations made mistakes everywhere, and India was no exception,” he said. “There should not be any problem accepting those mistakes. And if you think that by accepting that our ancestors made mistakes they will become inferior, that won’t happen because everybody’s ancestors made mistakes,” Bhagwat added.

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On Wednesday, the RSS chief said it is neither the nature of the Sangh nor Hindus to endanger the minorities. “Self-defence and defence of our own become a duty for everyone against those who spread hatred, commit injustice and atrocity, and engage in acts of hooliganism and enmity towards society. ‘Neither threatens nor gets threatened’, this kind of Hindu society is the need of the present times. This is not anti-anybody. Sangh resolves to stand on the side of brotherhood, amity, and peace,” he said.

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