Congress MP reacts to woman’s “filthy stories” post on Twitter, writes he must have posed with over 50 people at the event at which she was photographed with him

Shashi Tharoor-Kerala yatra
Shashi Tharoor has hit out at trolls in a tweet, saying they have “sick minds” (file photo)

A young woman, who deleted her pictures with Shashi Tharoor on Twitter following brutal trolling, found a friend in the Congress leader, who spoke up for her on the social media platform on Wednesday. The Thiruvananthapuram MP hit out at trolls in a tweet, saying they have “sick minds.”

The woman said in her November 14 post that she met Tharoor, who is a popular author as well, at a literary fest. Like many others, she clicked a few pictures with him and posted those on Twitter.

“There are no political or personal stories related to it. I have always looked up to him,” she wrote in her post. “But people have started making filthy stories on the same,” she wrote, adding that it “breaks her heart” to see how “RW (right-wing) people are using my pictures” for “political gains.”

“Suffered for an innocent picture”


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Reacting to her tweet on Wednesday, Tharoor wrote, “Trolls should realise there are real human beings involved in their abuse. This young girl has suffered for an innocent picture taken at a reception for over a hundred people, at which I must have posed for photos with over fifty! Keep your sick minds to yourselves, trolls!”

The woman also wrote in her post that she had taken down her pictures with Tharoor after the troll attack and requested everyone who had shared those pictures to do the same.

Tharoor, who recently lost out to Mallikarjun Kharge in the Congress president polls, has not been included in the party’s list of star campaigners for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly election.

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The party’s student wing in the state had invited Tharoor, but he declined as the party leadership had not named him as a star campaigner. Congress sources, however, claimed that the senior leader, known for his eloquence, was not being “sidelined.”

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